Welcome to the MyHHQI Blog

As we start 2013, I am honored to launch the brand new MyHHQI blog with this inaugural post. You may be asking yourself right now, “what is MyHHQI,” or even, “what is a blog?” This post will provide answers to those questions.

First, a blog is a short, informal Web article written from an individual’s perspective. Think of it as a diary entry for the world to see. That’s why we’ve named this blog MyHHQI. But this isn’t just a forum to read my personal thoughts. We will be featuring posts from all kinds of different people associated with the HHQI National Campaign right here.

HHQI Participants, Network Coordinators, Stakeholders, and other members of WVMI & Quality Insights’ HHQI team will be posting their individual thoughts and experiences on the MyHHQI blog. And everyone reading this blog will have the opportunity to comment on each post below. It’s a great opportunity to interact with others who share your passion for home health quality improvement.

And the MyHHQI Blog is just one of the resources we offer to help you connect with others. Other HHQI networking resources include:

Please make a resolution in 2013 to get involved with one or more of these networking resources to help improve the quality of care your patients receive.

On behalf of the entire HHQI National Campaign team, I sincerely thank you reading our blog and being part of our movement to improve the quality of care that home health patients receive. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Shanen Wright

HHQI National Campaign Director

WVMI & Quality Insights

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