Moving Forward: Making improvements by building connections

Did you know that the Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) National Campaign has almost 10,000 participants from 5,400 agencies across the nation? Wow – now, that is a lot of people dedicated to improving quality! That number represents close to half of the home health agencies in the country. What a great group of people to connect with?!

If you are in the business of quality improvements, being “linked-in” with other like-minded clinicians can help you recognize, create, or act upon improvement efforts. The HHQI Campaign has made it easy for you to reach out to all of these like-minded individuals with our Networking tools. Visit the Network page on the HHQI Web site.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find we have to offer you, to supplement the already great educational tools the Campaign provides, of course.  We’ve made it easier than ever to make connections.

The MyHHQI Blog –

The MyHHQI Blog is a great resource to keep up with all of the new home health happenings, not just campaign related. Check out this post “Why is health literacy fundamental in home health?”. Really great stuff, written by our own Misty Kevech, RN, MS, COC-C, CCP. Another great post from our Cindy Sun, MSN, APRN is on “Using data to boost improvement” which outlines the several data sources available to you and includes both pros and cons to each of source.

Don’t miss a post! You can even receive the blog postings in your inbox each time it’s updated. Just look to the right of the blog text and enter your email under “Follow Blog via Email”.

LiveChats –

Monthly HHQILiveChats give you the opportunity to connect via your computer and talk with the entire HHQI Campaign Team. You also have the opportunity to chat amongst peers, and again, those like-minded quality individuals. We encourage back and forth chatter here on what challenges and/or barriers you are facing in making improvements at your agency. We also encourage the sharing of what has worked for your agency? For example, what tool has been the most beneficial in helping your agency achieve their goals?

Join us on April 3 for our next LiveChat. If you’ve never connected this way, just be prepared, it’s a lot of fun and it’s amazing to be chatting with some of the nation’s top performers. Set a reminder and join the conversation from this same link.

Discussion Forums

If you have a login for the HHQI Website to access the educational resources, you have a login to the discussion forums. This is such a great place to connect with those 10,000 other participants. You can join in on already existing threads, or start new ones yourself.  We want to see those brainstorms happening and you could even help someone else with a question they have. These discussion forums are yours!


Like the HHQI Campaign? Of course you do! So, “Like” us on Facebook. Facebook is already known as the place to connect with long, lost friends and maybe even that Aunt that you really didn’t want to accept a friend request from….(we won’t tell). While scrolling through your news feed, you can stay up on all the latest HHQI happenings on FB too.  Facebook is also another great place to buddy up with other participants to brainstorm on ideas, receive feedback on plans, or just chat about the life of a home health nurse.


When you are in a hurry, and let’s face it, almost all of us are – sometimes you need to get your information in 140 characters, or less – Twitter is the place for you.

No matter what your goal of quality improvement is, the HHQI Campaign is here to help you in anyway they can.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these tools and get connected!

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