Number of People with Alzheimer’s disease is increasing in diagnosis, deaths, and burdens on families

The HealthDay News highlighted a new study related Alzheimer ’s disease that reports one in every three seniors are affected.  The rate of deaths related to Alzheimer’s disease rose 68 percent from 2000 to 2010, where deaths from other major diseases (e.g. heart disease, HIV/AIDs) have decreased.

The report also takes a look at the toll on families with Alzheimer’s patients.

  • Significant financial difference for long distance caregiving resulting in $10,000 annually vs. $5,000 for local caregiver
  • Direct out of pocket costs for families are $34 billion
  • Families are providing 17 billion hours of unpaid care which is estimated at $216 billion
  • Overall cost of caring for 5 million  people iwht Alzheimer’s disease is about $203 billion
  • Estimates are there will be nearly 14 million people with the disease by 2050, costing about $500 million


  • How does your agency currently care for Alzheimer’s patients?
  • Do you integrate evidence-based practices?
  • Do you coordinate Palliative and Hospice Care approaches?
  • Do you provide education and training to staff, including aides (who typically provide a great deal of service)?
  • Does staff routinely explore caregiver overload?  Caregiver financial difficulties?
  • Do you include growth of Alzheimer’s patients in your community into your agency’s strategic planning?

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