The HHQI Team would like to wish all nurses, “Happy Nurses Week”!

Dedicated home health nurses are caring for patients with compassion, perseverance, and adaptability every day. The environmental and geographical challenges are not seen in any other health care setting, and lead to individual heroic acts each and every day in home health agencies and hospices across the country. Over the past year additional stories of providing care during natural disasters (e.g., Hurricane Sandy, blizzards, and floods) have surfaced that shock even seasoned home health-ers. Large and small agencies alike are addressing the needs of one patient and family at a time.  Nurses are addressing the needs of the underserved populations and working in between systems and program barriers to create solutions. 

Great nursing leaders are embracing the ever-changing health care system.  Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary states, “The health care law’s emphasis on keeping people healthy, preventing illness, and managing chronic conditions, opens new opportunities for nurses to shape and lead the future delivery of healthcare and capitalizes on the expertise of the nursing profession. “

The HHQI team thanks each and every nurse and agency for embracing evidence-based best practices strategies and interventions.  Working together across the disciplines and health care settings, we can make a difference for patients to have better outcomes and a higher quality of life. 

Thank you, nurses, for participating in HHQI National Campaign and working with us to keep our patients at home where they want to be.

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