United We Stand, Thanks to You

SWright2by Shanen Wright, HHQI National Campaign Director

As we celebrate National Home Care & Hospice Month in November, let’s pause for a moment to reflect on a few of our commonalities. Being a national observance, Home Care & Hospice Month reminds us of our shared identity as Americans. We are so fortunate to be living and working in a free society that offers so many opportunities. While we may have different backgrounds and opinions; we are all united with the shared vision of freedom and equality for all. And flagtoday is the day that we honor and recognize our nation’s Veterans who have made it possible for us to enjoy these freedoms. As Americans, we salute you and are united in our sincere appreciation for the sacrifices you have made to protect our security and ensure our liberties.

As home health providers and stakeholders, we are also united with the shared vision of providing high quality care for our patients. We at the HHQI National Campaign continue to be amazed and inspired by the countless innovative and caring actions being taken by home health providers each and every day. Take for example our recently spotlighted HHQI Resources in Action. Or the dozens of home health success stories that we’ve featured from all over the nation.

It’s truly an honor to be part of a health care High Angle View Of Hospital Staff Standing Outside A Hospitalcommunity that shares so much passion… and compassion. Home health is truly unique in its approach to improving the health and well-being of millions of Americans of all backgrounds. The HHQI National Campaign salutes America’s home health providers during National Home Care & Hospice Month.

And this week we are not only celebrating National Home Care & Hospice Month, we are also pleased to recognize aides as part of National Home Care Aide Week. If you are a Home Care Aide, we sincerely appreciate all you do to improve the lives of millions of Americans receiving home health care. If you work with a Home Care Aide, please take a moment to thank him or her for their hard work and countless contributions they make for patients each and every day.

As Americans, our diversity makes us strong and our identity unites us as one nation. As home health providers and stakeholders, our passion for high quality health care gives us a shared mission, while the compassion we feel for patients brings us together as one community. On behalf of the entire HHQI National Campaign team, I sincerely thank you for the energy you give of yourself each and every day for what matters most: America’s home health patients.

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