Help Patients (and Loved Ones) Kick the Habit

Today is the “The Great American Smokeout” – the national campaign to encourage people to quit smoking, even if just for one day. This annual event is sponsored by the American Cancer Society and always falls on the third Thursday of November.stubbed cig

Smoking affects many different organs in the body in addition to the cardiovascular system. HHQI’s Cardiovascular Health Part 2 BPIP includes information about the effects of smoking as well as tools and resources for smoking cessation. Quitting tobacco is extremely difficult, and the evidence shows that behavioral modification with medications is the most effective method. The smoker must be ready to try to quit.

Clinicians need to listen for indications that the person is ready or moving towards being ready to attempt to quit, so we can provide guidance and support. The DARN-C Model was developed by Rollnick, Miller, & Butler (2008) for listening for change talk in chronic disease patients. On page 58 of the Cardiovascular Health Part 2 BPIP, the DARN-C Model was adapted for smoking cessation.  It includes the types of change talk, examples of change talk statements, and even several motivational interviewing open ended questions for clinicians. Download the Cardiovascular Health Part 2 BPIP now to access this helpful tool and improve your patients’ or your loved ones’ chances of quitting tobacco for good.


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