Smoking rates among most health professional are decreasing

A recent study compares results of healthcare professions smoking prevalence with 2003 findings. The good news is that healthcare professionals smoking prevalence dropped by 8% according to the study by University of California, Los Angeles for data from 2010-2011. The bad news is that License Practical Nurses (LPNs) remains high and unchanged.

Some of the findings include:worldnotobaccoday

  • Overall rate of healthcare professional smokers is at 8% compared to national rate of 16%
  • LPNs rate remains constant at 20.55% which is higher than general population rate (16%)
  • Registered Nurse rate is down from 11% to 7%
  • Lowest healthcare professional is physician rate which is now down to 2%

So what do the findings mean to your organization? How are you promoting smoking cessation to all staff including LPNs, aides, and office staff? Do you know your smoking incidence at your agency?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Collect and breakdown the stats to see if there is variation between discipline, office, gender, race/ethnicity
  • Revise your smoking cessation promotion and address the specific populations with higher rates
  • Use bulletin boards to feature information (see Cardiovascular Health Part 2 Bulletin Board template and example for examples)
  • Provide leadership smoking cessation information to better understand the health issue, complexity to quitting, evidence-based treatment options, etc. (use pieces or all of the Smoking Cessation section of the Cardiovascular Health Part 2 BPIP pp. 43-82)
  • Offer reward s and smoking cessation classes that are convenient for employees (see Cardiovascular Health Part 2 BPIP pp. 73-74 for tips and resources)
  • Review your current smoking policies (see Cardiovascular Health Part 2 BPIP p. 73 for tips and resources)

What smoking cessation efforts have helped staff at your agency or organization? Please leave a comment below.

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