Home Health Agencies Will Soon Be Seeing Stars

5 stars



The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released updates surrounding the new Star Rating System developed to assess home health care providers.

Star ratings are intended to simplify consumer evaluation of key quality measures and be an additional tool to support consumers’ health care decision-making.  This will help consumers distinguish quality among agencies giving healthcare. This step takes a further approach to measuring the quality of care provided and accentuates the need for HHAs to ensure they are utilizing technology to provide awareness into all aspects of their agency operations and decisions.

The ratings will begin appearing on the Home Health Compare reports beginning in July.  These reports are open to the public and written in layman terms for consumers to make more informed selections. In addition to patients using the data with the five-star rating system for home health agencies (HHA), many discharge planners access Home Health Compare to select a HHA outside of the area (e.g., rural patients in urban hospitals).

Home health agencies need to be aware of the categories surveyed, continuously analyze quality improvement data and utilize its quality improvement system to improve patient outcomes.  Check out your agency’s preview Star Rating included with your CASPER Reports.

Strive to achieve those high stars!  Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) resources are here to help assist home health agencies with quality improvement.  Now is an ideal time to access the FREE HHQI resources by enrolling in the HHQI National Campaign to enable a star performance.  Visit www.homehealthquality.org today!

Key CMS Downloads:

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