Steps for Creating a Safe Home Environment

By Crystal Welch, HHQI RN Project Coordinator
house - red

Many patients discharged from the hospital return directly home with ongoing therapy and/or nursing care. Creating a safe home environment for a loved one is key for them to remain at home.

When caring for someone at home, consider the following home safety tips:

  • Check each room for potential hazards.
  • Place grab bars beside the toilet, beside the bath tub and inside the shower.
  • Consider a hand-held shower and shower seat.
  • Baby monitors will allow you to hear if your loved one needs help.
  • Avoid using portable space heaters.
  • Keep walking areas free of furniture and cords.
  • Remove or tape down any cords/wires, and know where flooring is uneven such as thresholds.
  • Remove clutter and throw rugs.
  • Have all areas of the home well lit (consider night lights in bathrooms and bedrooms).
  • Widen pathways to allow for easier walker or wheelchair access.
  • Install handrails on stairs.
  • Keep frequently used items within reach.
  • Consider widening doorways or adding ramps.
  • Mark the edges of outdoor steps with bright non-slip tape.
  • Display emergency numbers and your home address near all telephones.
  • Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Keeping your loved one in the surroundings of home is helpful to the healing process and helps to maintain his/her independence. It also can ease the stress of caregiving.

Learn more about safeguarding your home by visiting the following websites:

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