A Day in the Life of a Home Health Aide

Guest post by Sandra Miller, All About You Collaborative Health Care Services, LLC

Sandra Miller_11.20.15Although a day in the life of a home health aide can be challenging at times, its rewards outweigh the challenges. My work as a home health aide requires strong time management skills, patience and a continued dedication and commitment to making a difference in the lives of the clients I care for. Building trust and therapeutic communication with clients is key. My purpose as a home health aide is to create a comfortable transition while working towards a common goal and to provide care with a professional demeanor and a positive attitude.

As a home health aide, I work under the direction of the registered nurse and/or therapist. Home health aides follow the established plans of care and work with the care team to make sure client health goals are met. Home health aides are the eyes and ears out in the homes. We play a key role in making sure any change in condition is reported to the care team so that additional needs can be assessed and implemented.

There are times when home health aides may be faced with client situations that are beyond our control that result in a change in service such as when a patient transitions to hospice. With such situations, it is of comfort knowing that the personal care provided made a difference and it reminds us of the tremendous impact we have on our clients as home health aides. Above all, we care! It takes compassion to do our jobs as home health aides. It may not always be easy but every day we go to the homes of our patients, no matter where it is, knowing it’s a job that requires special people to do what we do best. Every day I am thankful for being able to work as a home health aide knowing I have helped many and have made a difference.

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1 Response to A Day in the Life of a Home Health Aide

  1. Colbie says:

    Hi Sandra! Thank you for being a great example for all home health aides out there. It does take a lot of compassion and love to be an aide and it’s great to know that you are positively impacting lives on a daily basis. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Thank you for sharing and take care!

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