Face the Facts: Stroke is Treatable

By Julia Richards, Manager, Stroke Survival Programs, National Stroke Association

Lives can improve with better awareness, access and action.

Julia Richards

World Stroke Day is October 29, 2016. On this day the National Stroke Association, along with other agencies across the globe, will join together to raise awareness about stroke.

The theme for this year’s World Stroke Day campaign is, “Face the Facts: Stroke is Treatable.” Participating organizations around the world will focus on raising awareness about stroke and stroke treatments, improving public understanding of different types of treatments and post-stroke care, and steps that anyone can take to influence laws that affect healthcare for individuals, families and others affected by stroke.

For this year’s campaign, the National Stroke Association launches an interactive infographic that is part of a digital day of engagement on the topic of strokes. The infographic features facts vs. fictions about stroke incidence, treatment and recovery.

There are many misconceptions about stroke and stroke recovery in the general public. Many people think that stroke only happens to older individuals, that stroke is a death sentence, or that recovery ends at three months. The National Stroke Association would like to use the opportunity of World Stroke Day 2016 to educate the public on the truths about stroke, and provide a way for people to take that message out into their communities.

The National Stroke Association will provide a sharing option as part of the social media campaign for World Stroke Day. People who view the interactive infographic will be 10-21-16_nsa_hope_blubluencouraged to share it via Facebook and Twitter, spreading the word about the treatable nature of stroke.

For World Stroke Day 2016, please join the National Stroke Association and others around the world in raising awareness about stroke.

HHQI REMIDNER: In observance of World Stoke Day, HHQI would like to remind you of our many resources including an 8-minute patient video on the risks for stroke that you can watch on YouTube or download the MP4 to save to your laptop, tablet or flash drive.  There are also many other patient resources on the risks and signs of heart attach & stoke on our HHQI webpage including My Healthy Heart Workbook available in many languages.

There are many other clinician and patient resources on our HHQI Website . Check out the Cardiovascular Health Part 1  and Cardiovascular Health Part II  Best Practice Intervention Packages (BPIP’s) as well as other patient videos on Cardiovascular Lifestyle Modifications, Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Cardiovascular Blood Pressure Medication Management, and Smoking & Your Heart.

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